Mathematics Education in Canada: What needs to be done?

2009 Canadian Mathematics Education Forum

Working Group Page

A primary purpose of the 2009 Forum is the production of concrete materials and resources (booklets, modules, examples, web-pages) to support mathematics education at all levels. To facilitate this, a call went out in early 2007 for project proposals. In response, more than 40 proposals were received, some already well developed and ongoing, and others at the idea or design stage. With the objective of promoting collaboration of participants with like interests and complementary perspectives, these projects were grouped into a total of thirteen working groups.

Most of these groups embrace several projects many of which have been active for some time. This work, and further cooperative work will continue throughout 2008-09 leading to a culminating meeting at CMEF 2009. In the meantime opportunities might exist for participation at different levels in some of these working groups. Click on the title to find out more.

Working Groups