Department Computing Services  

This page provides a short description of services available at the Department. Please contact Jason Cowell for furthur assistance at:

Service Description
Email Email Department provides you with an email address. If you would like to use a different email address, please let us know.
Printing Printing There are 3 public printers maintained by the department (two black-and-white and one color laser printers). You can print from most public labs and from your own computer.
Internet Networking All public lab computers are connected to the internet. You can also connect your own computer. Note that networking services are provided by Queen's University Information Technology Services
Labs Computer labs The highlights of computer labs are the Statistics Lab (Room 220) and the Communications Lab (Room 240). They have Sun and Linux computers. You normally need to work in a related area to have access. Keyser Research Center has some Linux and Windows computers available to any account holder.
Remote access Remote login You can log in remotely over ssh to most of Linux and Sun computers in the department. Official login server is
Home directories Home directory Your account comes with some server disk space. It is backed up daily and is available from anywhere in the world over the Internet using SFTP.
Personal web site Personal web site Set up your own web site! It will be linked from the departmental contact list.
Software Software A number of software packages are available, including Maple, Matlab, Splus. In most cases use is restricted to campus.

Email Email

Your email address is your <login name>, for example, You can access your email account by the following methods:

Email Programs (Eudora, Outlook, Netscape, Mozilla) POP, IMAP, (NOTE: for off-campus SMTP, use or your ISP's SMTP server, for example Cogeco,
Remote login (ssh)
Under Windows, use TeraTerm or similar terminal program and go to
Under Unix and Linux, type
% ssh <username>
% pine

If you would like to use a different email address as your primary contact, please let us know. Your email address will be subscribed to the departmental mailing list.

Printing Printing

We have a family of public printers installed in the department. As of May 2005, the following black-and-white printers are available:

Printer Name Type Location URL
laser502 Laser, black-and-white, supports double-sided printing 5th Floor Lounge
keyser1 Laser, black-and-white Keyser Research Center, 2nd Floor

Semi-public computer labs have their own printers.

To configure a Windows computer for printing, use URLs indicated above, and check a printer's make and model at To configure a Linux or UNIX computer, use CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) and enter the following line in file /etc/cups/client.conf:

You can monitor printers by directing your browser to If you are sending print jobs from your own computer, please log in to an account name which was given to you. For example, if your username is alex, in Windows, log in as alex. This is needed for accounting purposes.

At any time, printing charge of $.10/black-and-white page or $1.00 for a page in color may be introduced.

Networking Internet access

You can use your own computer in Jeffery Hall, through Fast Ethernet jacks located in offices. If your computer is a laptop, please use DHCP for network configuration. If you have a desktop, please contact us to get a static IP address. Network configuration settings are as follows:

Desktop Laptop
IP address
contact us
Use DHCP (choose "Obtain automatically" on Windows computers)
Default gateway
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS

Queen's Information Technology Services is responsible for network services provision. Please do not run public servers (such as Web, E-mail, FTP) on your computer.

Computer labs Computer Labs

Department operates two semi-public Linux and UNIX computer labs, Communications Lab (Room 240) and Statistics Lab (Room 220). Normally you need to be working in a related area to get access. Please contact the following professors to ask for a permission:

Communications Lab, Room 240
Fady Alajaji
Statistics Lab, Room 220
Glen Takahara, Boris Levit

A public Linux computer site is located in Keyser Research Center, on the 2nd floor of Jeffery Hall. It can be used by any departmental account holder. A large Windows computer site is located on the 1st floor of Jeffery Hall. It is operated by Queen's Information Technology services.

Remote login Remote login

Some Linux and UNIX computers in the department allow for login from anywhere on the internet. You can log on for access to your email, personal web site, and files in home directory. You can also run light applications, including LaTeX. However, if you need to run heavy-load programs, please do not do it on Please contact us at so that we can direct you to another computer.

Home directory Home directory space

You can store files in your home directory. Home directories are backed up each night, with 7 days' depth. If you accidentally lost a VERY important piece of information, we can extract it from the backup provided that the loss occured not earlier than 7 days ago.

Personal web site Personal web site

You can create your own web site by making a directory called WWW in your home directory path and putting a file index.html there. Your web address will be<your username>. For example, if your login name is alex, then your web address is

You can upload files to your web site by scp ("secure copy", a preferred method) or by FTP. Make sure that the files and directories on your web site have appropriate permissions set: files must be readable by others, directories readable and searchable by others.

Software Mathematics software

If your computer is located in Jeffery Hall, you can departmental licenses for the the following products:

Software What is it for? Platforms Rights to use How to use
Maple 17 Powerful mathematics package, with strong symbolic computations Windows, Mac Free inside department Contact Jason Cowell, RM 217
Matlab 2013b Research use Windows, Mac, Linux License provided by Queen's ITS Contact Jason Cowell, RM 217
Matlab 2013b Teaching & Course preparation use Windows, Mac, Linux License provided by Math & Stats Contact Jason Cowell, RM 217

Your account Your account

Your account allows you to use email, printing, home directory, and to set up a personal web site. For faculty members, account is permanent. For others, it will be valid for the period of your affiliation with the department plus approximately one academic term. Your account will be kept if you continue working with department's researchers. Please do not let other people use your account, and keep your password in secret.