Analysis, Geometry, and Topology

Faculty Subject
Thomas Bartelme Dynamical systems, hyperbolic geometry, Riemann-Finsler geometry, ergodic geometry, low-dimensional topology
Serban Belinschi Noncommutative probability, random matrices, operator algebras, complex variables
Oleg Bogoyavlenskij Dynamical systems, partial differential equations
Pietro-Luciano Buono Dynamical Systems, Symmetric Bifurcation Theory, Delay-Differential Equations, Applications to Biology
Francesco Cellarosi Applications to quantum mechanics, dynamical systems, ergodic theory, homogeneous dynamics
Andrew Lewis Geometric control theory, differential geometry, geometric functional analysis
Abdol-Reza Mansouri Sub-Riemannian geometry, geometric control theory, stochastic analysis and Malliavin calculus
Jamie Mingo Operator algebras,noncommutative probability, random matrices, K-theory of operator algebras
Dan Offin Dynamical systems, Hamiltonian and Celestial mechanics, symplectic geometry, variational methods on manifolds
Roland Speicher Operator algebras, non-commutative and free probability theory (in particular, its probabilistic and combinatorial aspects and its relation with problems in physics), random matrices
Noriko Yui Calabi-Yau manifolds, Mirror symmetry, Mirror maps, Picard-Fuchs differential equations, monodromy

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