Applied Mathematics

Faculty Subject
Selim G. Akl Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Parallel Computing, Biomedical Computing, Unconventional Computation
Fady Alajaji Information and communication theory, data compression, joint source-channel coding, error control codes
Gunnar Blohm Artificial neural networks, Neuronal spike coding, Clifford algebra (dual quaternions), Bayesian statistics, Systems identification and control theory, Large-scale spiking neuronal models, Sensory-motor neuroscience
Steven Blostein Signal processing for communications, wireless communications, detection and estimation theory
Oleg Bogoyavlenskij Dynamical systems, partial differential equations, mathematical physics
Troy Day Evolutionary ecology, stability of dynamical systems, life history theory, inclusive fitness, structured populations, epidemiology
Bahman Gharesifard Systems and control, nonlinear and geometric control, distributed control and optimization, game theory
Navin Kashyap Coding for reliable and secure communication, Information-theoretic security, Discrete applied mathematics
Andrew Lewis Geometric control theory, differential geometry, geometric functional analysis
Tamas Linder Communications, source/channel coding, data compression, information theory, statistical pattern recognition
Abdol-Reza Mansouri Sub-Riemannian geometry, geometric control theory, stochastic analysis and Malliavin calculus
Glen Takahara Communication theory, communication networks, queueing theory
Peter Taylor Population dynamics, mathematical biology, math education
David Thomson Solar oscillations and space physics, cellular phone systems, signal processing, special functions
Serdar Yüksel Stochastic and decentralized control, information theory, applied probability

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