Graduate Studies in Mathematics and Statistics at Queen's

Graduate programs are the training grounds for research scientists. A large portion of all fundamental research is carried out at universities, and graduate programs play an important role.

Choosing the right place for graduate study is as important as your initial decision to continue study beyond your first university degree. Queen's is an ideal place to do graduate study in Mathematics or Statistics. We have an outstanding group of faculty researchers with international reputations in their fields of specialization. These represent a wide variety of areas including pure mathematics (number theory, algebra, algebraic geometry, combinatorics, operator algebras, random matrices and dynamical systems), mathematical physics, mathematics applied to engineering (control theory, communication theory), mathematical biology, and both theoretical and applied statistics. A list of our faculty members and their research interests can be found here. On top of this, there is always a steady stream of visiting scholars and post-doctoral fellows.

Our research environment is further enhanced by a very active group of graduate students. Enrolment over the last few years has been steady at about 50 full-time students of whom over two-thirds are enrolled in our doctoral program. One-third of our graduate students come from abroad so the Department has a pronounced international flavour.

Since all this activity is concentrated in a single building containing the faculty members' and graduate students' offices as well as computing facilities and laboratories, we are able to create a strong and vibrant research community - one that will make you feel at home as it stimulates your growth as a scientist.

Our Master's programs are designed to prepare students for doctoral research, as well as to give additional specialized training. Our Master's programs can be completed in 12 months, so they offer a fast track into doctoral research.

A Doctoral Degree is essential for anyone aspiring to an academic position, and is very useful for those who want to assure a leadership role in Government, Business and Industry. The Doctor of Philosophy is a research degree, and doctoral studies are an essential step in the preparation of a research scientist.

One of our basic principles is that our graduate students acquire both breadth and depth of knowledge. Breadth is achieved by our system of core courses which provides students with the basis of modern mathematics and statistics. Integration into research teams and active participation in seminars leads to depth of knowledge and the opportunity to take part in cutting edge research in mathematics and statistics. Much of the research activity of the Department is centered around our seminars where faculty, grads and visitors develop and report on new research.

General information for prospective graduate students can be found here.

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