3rd Year MTHE students take second place in the McGill Trading Simulation

Congratulations to Caelum Kamps, Jeremy Kulchyk, Spencer Seliga and James Weiss!

The McGill Trading Simulation was an opportunity to participate in an open market trading competition. Over 100 teams were given initial capital and through trading stock and options on particular stocks, we competed to achieve the best yearly return. The competition was broken into four hour long quarters representing one year of trading. Historical data, news releases, live market data, and background overviews of the fabricated companies were all provided to allow competitors to make trading decisions. The trading floor was a hectic and enthusiastic crowd of 300+ university students all making live trades and ferociously making trading decisions with their teams. The whole experience was incredibly fun and exciting. We are happy to say we came second place and look forward to going back next year to hopefully take first!

Apple math prepared us really well for this because of the skills gained when trying to analyze problems with lots of information and variables. We were better able to differentiate important information from noise and make more informed decisions. The environment was very fast paced, the learning curve was steep. With the time management and problem solving we have gained through Apple, we had an advantage over the competition. The skills learned in Apple are essential to all parts of life and this is just another example of that.

This competition allowed us to experience a real life trading environment. This simulation was a huge learning experience that is reflected immediately in our understanding of trading and the market as a whole. Overall, it was an invaluable experience and will definitely be going on the resume!

Again, we want to thank the Mathematics and Statistics Department here at Queen's and specifically all of the Apple Math professors and support staff for both funding us and providing such an incredible and versatile program. - Caelum Kamps

Pictured - Spencer Seliga, Caelum Kamps, Jeremy Kulchyk, and James Weiss

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