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SWEP positions:

Write control code in C/C++; code is needed for motion control, gain control, power, temperature, etc. We have a real-time enabled Linux computer that boots off of a USB stick as our control platform. We need a student with skills in programming to help us implement the control code that will actuate the systems of the telescope. There is also a prototype image processing system to find the center of the sun that needs to be integrated with the control system.
**Keywords: C/C++, COMEDI, RTAI, OROCOS, Linux, Control, Image processing

Assemble the various RF components; skilled hands and a good eye are needed for delicate assembly of various RF components: amplifiers, crimping cables, etc. We have many RF components that need to be assembled. The applicant is expected to be delicate with sensitive equipment, perform tests to check the accuracy of their work, and help in the design process.
**Keywords: SMA connectors, coax cable, reflection coefficients, spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, power meter

Write signal processing code; we are in need of a data storage method for the large amounts of data that the system will produce. Our noise reduction methods suggest storage of sparse arrays. We would like to be able to query the results quickly and produce datasets easily.
**Keywords: signal processing, databases, distributed systems, unix, SQL


You may join our team as a fourth year undergrad looking to complete a project; or to work with us over the summer with the intent of continuing during the term.


We are interested in acquiring students that wish to do a graduate project or research in: