Probability and Statistics

Faculty Subject
Francesco Cellarosi Limit theorems for exponential sums, random processes of number-theoretical origin
Bingshu E. Chen Recurrent events and multivariate survival analysis, statistical methods in cancer clinical trials, epidemiology and bio-markers
Agnes M. Herzberg Design of experiments, exploratory data analysis
Wenyu Jiang Methodology in biostatistics: design and analysis of clinical trials, biomarker study, survival analysis, statistical prediction and genomic data analysis
Boris Levit Non-parametric estimation, semi-parametric models, optimal design in non-parametric regression
Chunfang Devon Lin Design and analysis of physical and computer experiments; Industrial statistics; Resampling methods
Michael McIsaac Incomplete data, two-phase study designs, development and application of statistical methodology for public health studies
Jim McLellan Functional data analysis, statistical methods in chemical engineering, inference in nonlinear regression models
Paul Y. Peng Cure models, multivariate survival models, statistical computing and Bayesian methods, statistical and epidemiological methods for population/observational data analysis, statistical consulting
Hawshin Shin Environmental public health risk models, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Orientation data analysis, Experimental optimal design
Glen Takahara Queueing and communication networks, Bayesian mixture models, statistical learning, orientation data
David Thomson Time series analysis, spectrum estimation, robustness, statistics of climate and global warming, statistics of solar and space-physics data, statistical signal processing, and statistics of neuro-informatics
Dongsheng Tu Survival analysis, statistical methods in clinical trials, resampling methods, large sample theory
Serdar Yuksel Stochastic and decentralized control, information theory, probability theory and applications

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