Private Tutoring in Mathematics and Statistics

Contact information for tutors is provided below for the benefit of students seeking extra help. Note that tutoring does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Department; this list is provided only for your convenience. If you would like to be added to this list, please send information to:

Name Application Date E-Mail Phone Willing to Tutor Rate of Pay Expected (hourly) Note
Mahdi Mohsenpour June, 2017 Any level of High School math. MATH 110-111, 120-121, 231, 221, 225 $35 5th year Ph.D. candidate in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kariane Ouellet February, 2017 514-686-2313 Any level of High School math. For university level courses, all levels of calculus, linear algebra (110 and 111), Real Analysis (281), and differential equations $30 I've been tutoring since 2011 various levels and subjects, I am completing an M.Sc in Math, I obtained a B.Sc in Math and minor in Education in 2016, and my research is focused on math education
Hollis Peters January, 2017 289-251-2522 Math 120, Math 121, Math 126, Math 110, Math 112, Stat 268, Stat 269, Stat 263 and highschool math $25 3rd year Mathematics major and Economics minor, able to help with understanding of concepts, assignments and midterm and exam preparation
Yang Mu January, 2017 613-484-6456 First-year and second-year math courses, Statistics, Econometrics, Statistical Softwares, GRE prep (quantitative part only) and all levels of Economic theory $35 First-year Ph.D. student at the Department of Economics. Two years of tutoring experience at the Smith School of Business and the Department of Economics. Achieved 97% on the quantitive reasoning in GRE
Johanna Hansen January, 2017 All calculus and pre-calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, probability, statistics, complex analysis, all high school and college level mathematics $30 MSc. Applied Mathematics, PhD Candidate Applied Mathematics
Neil Sengupta December, 2016 613-540-4516 MATH 121, MATH 221, STAT 268, STAT 263, MATH 384, all high school math $20 3rd year Biochemistry major and mathematics minor with extensive tutoring and teaching experience at the university and high-school level. Able to tutor on or off campus
Gabby Bermudez December, 2016 905-484-2750 MATH 121, 126 $20 3rd year Math major and Com Sci minor able to effectively break down mathematical concepts for easy understanding. Available for tutoring on campus on most days
Yutong(Lily) Jiang October, 2016 343-333-9870 MATH120, MATH121, MATH110, MATH111, STAT263, Undergraduate level number theory & discrete mathematics 17 - $20 2nd year Stat major,having learnt all classes want to tutor and have an over 4.0 GPA average; have won two scholarships for math until now in university, once tutor first year math course. Can tutor in both English and Chinese with using terms appropriately.
Prince Zhao October, 2016 First year math courses. Group theory, ring and fields, number theory $20
Michael Didow October, 2016 905-399-4355 Math 120, Math 121, Math 126, Stat 268/269 $25 3rd year Math major, Econ minor. 'A'-range grades in the core math courses listed. Available all days except Wednesdays
Yuliya Nesterova October, 2016 MATH 121/126 $35 TA for MATH121 and MATH126 at Queen's the last 2 years. Five years' experience in the Math Help Center. Previously tutored MATH110/120/121/126/280/312, STAT268/269
Grushenka Ramhota October, 2016 STAT 263, MATH 126, STAT 268/269, COMM 161, COMM 162, SOCY 211, BIOL 243, ECON 250 $25
Connor Morrow September, 2016 647-884-9740 MATH 110, 111, 112, 120, 121, 126 and STAT 263, 268, 269 and highscool math $20 I am a 3rd year math major. I have 5 years of experience tutoring, I am able to help with assignment help, midterm and exam prep, and study strategy. I am able to meet almost all hours on queens campus and references are available upon request
Kevin McKinnon September, 2016 250-709-0504 MATH 121/126, MATH 111, STAT 268, and all high school math $20 4th year physics major, math minor with a 4.30 GPA in all classes. 3 years of tutoring Queen's University math and physics courses, but 7 years total of tutoring experience
Trinity Chinner September, 2016 MATH 120, MATH 121, MATH 126, MATH 231, MATH 280, STAT 268, STAT 269, STAT 263 $25 3rd Year Math Major, Dean's Honour List in 2014/15 and 2015/16. I have tutored at Queens for the past two years in mathematics and statistics and have previously tutored high school math students for 4 years; references available upon request. I am also enrolled in Concurrent Education at Queens
Lemonte Alie-Lamarche September, 2016 613-700-1466 MATH110/111/112,MATH120/121/126, MATH212, MATH231, MATH221/280, STAT268, MATH210, MATH281, STAT269, STAT263 $25 3rd year math major, 4.02 GPA in math and stats courses to date; 2 years experience with extensive peer tutoring in math and stats courses; references available upon request
Nicholas Matta September, 2016 647-221-6644 MATH 121, 126 $20 4th year commerce student enrolled in a dual degree for mathematics
Doug Routledge Sept, 2015 613-539-9863 $30 30 years teaching high school math and 6 years tutoring Queens students privately Courses willing to tutor: first year calculus and linear algebra
Mathew Joseph Sept, 2015 613-634-9536 Pre-Calculus, Calculus, College Algebra. $30 More than 10 years teaching experience at RMC.
Henry de Valence January, 2015 613-483-2118 MATH 126, 120, 110, 111, 112 $25 Master's student at Queen's
Jenkin Tsang October, 2014 647-401-9817 MATH 121 & all high school maths
Tyler Elliott October, 2014 613-329-6933 MATH 110, 111, 120, 12, all high school math, MATH 280, MATH 231, STAT 268 and STAT 269 $15 Con Ed
Siobhain Broekhoven October 29, 2013 613-777-8889 All first year math courses and all high school math $30.00 Queen's BScH (Math), Ontario Certified Math and Physics Teacher + Spec Ed.
Anna MacDonald September 13, 2012 613-889-9554 Math 111, 121, 126 $30.00
Natalie Corneau July 17, 2012 613-791-3092 Math 121, 126, all high school math $30.00 Queen's Math graduate and Ontario Certified Math Teacher
Youness Aliyari August 21, 2012 Calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and probability $30.00
Mark Lewis November 16, 2011 613-484-7649 Calculus, vector calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, probability (have experience tutoring most 1st year Math and Apsc courses, Comm 161) $25.00 Instructor, St. Lawrence College
Asia Matthews October 6, 2008 613-328-6028 Calculus I, II, algebra, linear algebra, vector calculus $30.00 Grad Student
Erik Jensen October 15, 2010 613-572-3828 All first and second year courses, most third and fourth year courses $30.00 7 years experience

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