Department Colloquium


Colloquia are held on Friday 2:30-3:20pm at Jeffery 234.
Abstract of upcoming colloquium is posted on Weekly Infosheet.
Fall 2014/Winter 2015
Date Speaker Host/Contact
September 5
(Special Seminar)

Frank Vernon
(UC San Diego)
Observations from the Field - From San Jacinto Fault Zone Experiment to USArray
David Thomson
September 12
Jonathan Novak
Central limit theorem for lozenge tilings of sawtooth domains
Jamie Mingo
September 19
David Wehlau
(RMC and Queens)
Hilbert Functions of Artinian rings with $S_n$ action.
Ram Murty
October 3
Ashish Khisti
(University of Toronto)
Coding for Real-Time Streaming Communication
Fady Alajaji
October 10
Dinesh Thakur
(University of Rochester)
What should pi, e, zeta(2), zeta(3), Gamma(1/2), Gamma(1/7) etc.
be if the integers are replaced by polynomials?
Ram Murty
October 17
Yuqing Lin
(University of Newcastle, Australia)
The number of maximal state circles of plane graphs
Paul Peng and Wenyu Jiang
October 24
Robert Kipka
(Queen's University)
Pontryagin maximum principle for control problems on infinite-dimensional manifolds
Bahman Gharesifard
October 31
Thomas Hulse
(Queen's University)
Counting Square Discriminants
Ram Murty
November 7
Oleg Bogoyavlenskij
(Queen's University)
A family of solutions to the Arnold's 1965 problem
Bahman Gharesifard
November 13
(Special Seminar)

Sanjoy Mitter
On Some Connections between Nonlinear Filtering, Information Theory and Statistical Mechanics
Serdar Yuksel and Abdol-Reza Mansouri
November 14
Yasuhiro Goto
(Hokkaido University, Japan)
Calabi-Yau threefolds from arithmetic viewpoints.
Noriko Yui
November 21
Shun Watanabe
(University of Maryland and University of Tokushima)
A Converse Bound on Secret Key Agreement and Its Applications
Fady Alajaji and Tamas Linder
November 28
Andrew Fiori
(Queen's University)
Non-equidistribution of irreducible factors of minimal polynomials of j-invariants of CM-elliptic curves.
Ram Murty
January 13
(Special Seminar at 3:30)

Francesco Cellarosi
(University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Quadratic Weyl Sums, Automorphic Functions, and Invariance Principles.
Ivan Dimitrov
January 16
(Special Seminar at 2:30)

Angelica Cueto
(Columbia University)
Non-Archimedean Combinatorics.
Ivan Dimitrov
January 19
(Special Seminar)

Jack Huizenga
(University of Illinois, Chicago)
Interpolation problems in algebraic geometry.
Ivan Dimitrov
January 23
(Special Seminar)

Helen Alexander
(ETH Zurich)
Applying Stochastic processes to study Pathogen Evolutionary Dynamics.
Ivan Dimitrov
February 4
(Special Seminar)

Luca Di Cerbo
(Notre Dame University)
On the geometry of smooth compactifications of complex hyperbolic manifolds.
Ivan Dimitrov
February 13
Ram Murty
(Queen's University)
Twin Primes.
Bahman Gharesifard
February 27
Alia Hamieh
(Queen's University)
Non-Vanishing of Rankin-Selberg L-Functions.
Bahman Gharesifard
March 6
Nevroz Sen
(McGill University)
Estimation Theory for Non-linear Major-Minor Mean Field Games.
Serdar Yuksel and Fady Alajaji
March 13
Amir Ali Ahmadi
Optimization over nonnegative and convex polynomials.
Bahman Gharesifard
March 20
Hwashin Shin
(Health Canada)
Environmental Health Risk Attributable to Short-term Air Pollution Exposure.
Glen Takahara
March 27
Kevser Aktas
(Queen's University and Selcuk University)
Consecutive squarefull numbers.
Ram Murty