Vector Analysis
MTHE 227, Fall 2017

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Review of multiple integrals. Differentiation and integration of vectors; line, surface and volume integrals; gradient, divergence and curl; conservative fields and potential. Spherical and cylindrical coordinates, solid angle. Green's and Stokes' theorems, the divergence theorem.
Ivan Dimitrov (508 Jeffery Hall, 613-533-2396)
APSC 171, APSC 172, and APSC 174
Monday, 14:30 - 15:30 in Jeffery 126
Tuesday, 16:30 - 17:30 in Jeffery 126
Thursday, 15:30 - 16:30 in Jeffery 126
Office Hours:
Tuesday, 15:30 - 16:30, Jeffery 508
Thursday, 13:30 - 14:30, Jeffery 508
and by appointment
The course grades will be computed as follows:
  • 20% Homework
  • 30% Midterm Exam
  • 50% Final Exam
    Students are expected to:
  • read the textbook,
  • attend the lectures,
  • complete all homework assignments,
  • discuss mathematics with other students.
    There will be two kinds of homework:
  • Exercises that give you a chance to practice and refine your skills. These will not be collected.
  • Problem sets consisting of 3 questions each. There are posted on the Schedule page and sets are collected at the beginning of class on Thursday; late homework is not accepted. There will be 11 problem sets; the lowest score will be dropped. Graded homework can be picked up in the Math 227 boxes outside of 201 Jeffery Hall.
    Help is available if you have trouble with homework or lecture material:
  • visit the office hours,
  • take advantage of the Math Centre (201 Jeffery Hall) — you may drop by whenever the Help Centre is open; no appointment is necessary,
  • study in groups.
    James Stewart, Calculus, Brooks Cole, 8 Edition, 2015
    Students are encouraged to use any available technology while studying and on the homework. However, no aids will be allowed during the exams.
    Students with disabilities, who will be taking this course and may need disability-related classroom accommodations, are encouraged to make an appointment to see the instructor as soon as possible. Also, please contact the Queen's Student Accessibility Services to register for support services.
    Academic Integrity:
    It is the obligation of each student to understand the University's policies regarding academic honesty and to uphold these standards. Students are encouraged to talk about the problems, but should write up the solutions individually. Students should acknowledge the assistance of any books, software, students, or professors.