Queen's Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Winter 2010
Monday 3:00 - 4:00 in 319 Jeffery Hall

Schedule of Talks:

Date Speaker Title
January 18 Richard Vale
(Cornell University)
A noncommutative completion of the prime spectrum
January 25 Tristram Bogart
(Queen's University)
The Tropical Lifting Problem
February 1 Andrei Minchenko
(Cornell University)
Enhanced Dynkin Diagrams
February 8 Mike Roth
(Queen's University)
A local-global principle for weak approximation of varieties over function fields
February 15 Family Day
no seminar
February 22 Reading Week
no seminar
March 1 Kevin Purbhoo
(University of Waterloo)
Jeu de Taquin and Wronskians of polynomials
March 8 Marco Gualtieri
(University of Toronto)
Bihermitian geometry and generalized Kähler structures
March 15 Harry Tamvakis
(University of Maryland)
The Giambelli problem on classical G/P spaces
March 22 Nathan Grieve
(Queen's University)
Linear series, cup-products, and the canoncial bundle of a curve
March 29 Norman Do
(McGill University)
Lattice points in moduli spaces of curves
April 5 Mike Roth
(Queen's University)
Reduction rules for Littlewood-Richardson Coefficients

For more information, please contact Ivan Dimitrov, Mike Roth or Greg Smith.

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Schedules for other semesters: Fall 2009, Fall 2010

updated: 22 March 2010
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