Math 211

List of Overheads

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01. Algebraic Methods (2 pages)
02. Number Systems
03. Divisibility
03a. The Principle of Induction
04. The Euclidean Algorithm
05. The greatest common divisor
06. The division algorithm
07. The Euclidean Algorithm: 1st/2nd Version (2 pages)
08. The Euclidean Algorithm: 2nd Version
09. The extended Euclidean Algorithm - Examples (2pp)
10. The extended Euclidean Algorithm
11. Diophantine equations (2 pages)
11a. The Plimpton 322 Clay Tablet
12. The GCD-criterion and its consequences
13. The general solution of the diophantine equation mx+ny=c
14. How to solve mx+ny=c
15. Proof of the Formula (2pp.)
16. How to solve mx+ny+kz=c
16a. Prime numbers
17. Unsolved conjectures about primes
18. The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
19. The GCD-formula
20. The GCD-formula vs. Euclidean algorithm
21. The Calculus of Remainders
22. Computing a^n efficiently