Math 335 Mathematics of Engineering Systems

Instructor:  Serdar Yuksel (yuksel(at]

Homework Assignments and Solutions
- [Assignment 1]   Due on Jan. 23rd
For the Matlab question, you may use the following as a guide:
- [Sample function for a Quantizer] [Main Code] (save in the same directory)
- [Solutions]

- [Assignment 2]   Due on Jan. 30th
- [Solutions]

- [Assignment 3]   Due on Feb. 6th
- [Solutions]

- [Assignment 4]   Due on Feb. 28th
- [Solutions]

- [Assignment 5]   Not to be turned in
- [Solutions]

- [Assignment 6]   Due on March 20th
- [Solutions]

- [Assignment 7]   Due on March 30th
- [Solutions]

- [Assignment 8]   Due on April 10th
- [Solutions]

- [Course Syllabus]

- [Lecture Notes] (Please check the date on the cover page for updates)  Lecture Notes will be posted here during the course of the semester. These are not meant to replace course notes as these only summarize the discussions in class.

- [Practice Midterm I]
- [Practice Midterm II]
- [Practice Midterm III]
- Solutions to these practice midterms will not be provided.

- [Matlab Project]     Due on April 10th

- Office Hours for the Final Exam: Monday April 10th at 10:30-12:30; Thursday April 13th at 2pm-3:30pm.
- The midterm will take place on March 6th, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in Jeffery 127.
- Those with special accommodations, please be in the instructor's office by 6:15pm.
- There will be additional office hours on March 6th from 10am to 11:20am.