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At heart I'm a mathematician. Of all intellectual pursuits, I have found mathematics to be the truest and the most faithful. It has beauty and chaos, but there's always a hard diamond at its core.

I spend my research time either as a biologist (modeling behaviour, inclusive fitness, evolutionary stability) or as an educator (developing curriculum, both at the high school and university level). All this involves lots of beautiful (and elementary) math, so I'm pretty happy with my work. I am cross appointed to both the Biology Department and the Faculty of Education.

Current news (June 2013)
  • My time with the Senate Task Force on Academic Planning, together with my experiences with a number of large first-year courses, have convinced me that we need a new undergraduate model. My students are creative, worldly, and able to move quickly (e.g. among web-pages) but most of them lack the capacity for slow deep reflective thought and analysis. That, coupled with large classes, certainly in first year, poses a significant challenge for me as a lecturer and a teacher--what to do in class and at what pace to do it? I have written a new discussion paper outlining one possible scenario.

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