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Publications and Lectures
  1. On Virgil: my opening lecture to Mathematics 120, For the Learning of Mathematics 1 (1980) 49-52.
  2. Zen in the art of archery and teaching, Journal of Literary Theory 4 (1983), 73-81. .
  3. The Trial of Judas Iscariot: an Easter Service of Holy Communion, Sydenham St. United Church, 1987. [The senior class of the Sunday school put this on as the Palm Sunday service and over the next few years it was performed at a number of other churches. If you want to put it on, let me know.]
  4. NSF Calculus Conference, San Antonio, Oct. 5-8, 1990.
  5. The Randolph Lecture: Calculus, where are we going? Seaway Section, MAA, Oswego, NY, Nov. 1990.
  6. Care, not Speed, IEEE Canadian Review No. 11, Fall, 1991.
  7. Calculus, The Analysis of Functions, Wall & Emerson, Toronto, 1992. 480 pp.
  8. ODYSSEY, LaSalle High School Musical Production, April, 1992. (with M.J. Taylor, and R. Upitis).
  9. Royal Canadian Institute Lecture: The calculus revolution: right revolution--wrong subject, Toronto, Feb. 1994.
  10. Complex Variables: the poetry and music of W.J. Barnes, Quarry press, 1994. 131 pp. (with D. Helwig). [Until his sudden death 1n 1992 Bill Barnes was my co-teacher for the Math and Poetry course at Queen’s (IDIS 303). That same year he won a 3-M fellowship. Many of his poems are quite fine. Email me for a copy of the book.]
  11. The Avis Memorial Lecture, Portrait of the artist as a young cadet, Royal Military College, Nov. 1994.
  12. Panelist: The Power of Teaching and Learning, SFU Centre for University Teaching, Vancouver. Madame Sousatska Dec. 9, 1991, Jesus of Montreal Feb. 1994, Benny and Joon, Feb. 1995.
  13. The MacClement Lecture, Mathematics and Poetry, Queen's University Fac. of Education, March, 1995.
  14. Small Napkins, Facts and Arguments, Globe and Mail, February 6, 1997.
  15. Plenary Speaker CMESG. The High School Math Curriculum. Thunder Bay, May 25, 1997.
  16. Plenary Speaker Changing the Culture Conference, Post-modernism and High School Math Education. PIMS Simon Fraser University, Feb. 20, 1998.
  17. "Training" our students. Canadian J. of Math, Science and Technology 1 (2000) 110-116 (with Nathalie Sinclair).
  18. Regular Lecturer, Reinventing the Teacher, International Congress of Mathematics Education, Tokyo, August 2000 (with Nathalie Sinclair).
  19. Speaker: Inquiry and design, Canadian Math Society Winter Meeting, Ottawa, December 2002.
  20. Working Group co-leader. Rethinking math thinking in secondary math classes. CMS Math Education Forum. Montreal May 16-18, 2003.
  21. CMS Winter Meeting. December 2003. Vancouver. Education Session. The tyranny of reality.
  22. The teacher as artist: a letter to my colleagues. MAA Focus 24, May/June 2004: 8-9.
  23. Review of the CUPM Curriculum Guidelines 2004. MAA Online. July 2004.
  24. What the history of art can teach us about teaching. MAA Seaway Banquet address, April 2005.
  25. Banquet Speaker, "Whitehead's stage of romance" CUMC Annual Meeting, Kingston, July 13, 2005.
  26. Keynote Speaker: Workshop on Preparation of students for the preparatory-year program at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Sept 2006.
  27. The Adrian Pouliot Prize Lecture. The structure of a mathematics curriculum.CMS Winter Meeting, Toronto Dec. 2006.
  28. Canadian Club Luncheon Speaker. What's wrong with the high school curriculum? December, 2006.
  29. Kingston Rotary Club Breakfast Speaker. An interesting photographic problem. January 2007.
  30. Keynote address: Will the real Q please step forward? 9th annual symposium on innovative teaching, Simon Fraser University, May, 2007.
  31. Mathematical Lens. Mathematics Teacher 101 (2007): 179-182.
  32. "Last Lecture," Queen's MiniU, May 2011 God is also a mathematician.
  • Ontario Grade 12 Curriculum Resources For some time now I have been constructing investigative problems to fit the Ontario Grade 12 Curriculum for the university-bound students. With the new courses starting last Fall (2007) I thought that would be an ideal time to organize these into a curriculum and invite interested teachers to try them out, give me comments, and maybe even flesh them out in a sense of producing some supporting units (technical exercises, solutions, etc.) In fact I produced most of a curriculum for the Advanced Functions course MHF4U but only a collection of problems for the Calculus and Vectors MCV4U. Email me if you would like more information.

  • IN PROCESS This is a collection of investigative problems drawn from geometry, counting, probability, and strategic thinking. For many years I published them as my "orange book" and now I have brought them on-line. Have a look.

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