Fourth Biannual Meeting on Systems and Control Theory

Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
May 13-15, 2010



Some time ago, Brian Ingalls (University of Waterloo), Manfredi Maggiore (University of Toronto), and Andrew Lewis (Queen's University) decided to have a biannual meeting for researchers and graduate students in control theory in the vicinity of Southern Ontario. The first such meeting was held in May 2004 at Queen's University, with subsequent meetings at Toronto and Waterloo in May of 2006 and 2008, respectively. These meetings have proven an effective and enjoyable way of sharing research ideas with colleagues geographically near to one another.


While the focus of the initial three meetings was on ''nonlinear'' control theory, many of the participants were not strictly ''nonlinear'' control theoreticians. This is being explicitly recognised in a change of the meeting name from ''Meeting on Nonlinear Control'' to what is given above. The focus, however, remains on two facets of previous meetings that have shown themselves to be successful.
  1. Talks should have a sufficient fundamental component as to be of broad interest. This is not to say that application oriented talks will not be appreciated, but rather that significant focus should be on theoretical components, so as to hold the interest of a general systems and control audience.
  2. Priority will be given to graduate students presenting their research in the format of a half hour talk, even though this work may be incomplete. It is preferred if talks by faculty could be of a tutorial nature, to enhance the experience, both of graduate students and other faculty in the audience. Such tutorial talks can be of 50 minutes duration.

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