Fourth Biannual Meeting on Systems and Control Theory

Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
May 13-15, 2010


I have had late informal inquiries from people wanting to attend the meeting. We welcome attendees, of course. See the Registration page for information on whether you should pay the registration fee. However, I will ask that, if you wish to attend, please let me know. There is limited space in the meeting room, and we need accurate estimates of the number of people who will be present.

Hyperlinks on names are to abstracts, and these are not yet available.

Click on names for information on talks.

  1. Cesar Aguilar (Queen's)
  2. Jordan Ang (UofT, Mississauga)
  3. Graeme Ashford (Toronto)
  4. Maria Barbero-Liñán (Queen's)
  5. Mireille Broucke (Toronto)
  6. Peter Caines (McGill)
  7. Jeff Calder (Queen's)
  8. Samandeep Dhaliwal (Queen's)
  9. Baris Fidan (Waterloo)
  10. James Forbes (Toronto)
  11. Bruce Francis (Toronto)
  12. Dmitry Gromov (McGill)
  13. Martin Guay (Queen's)
  14. Mohamed Helwa (Toronto)
  15. Andre Hladio (Waterloo)
  16. Kai Hoeffner (Queen's)
  17. Minyi Huang (Carleton)
  18. Samuel Huang (Toronto)
  1. Nick Hudon (Queen's)
  2. Brian Ingalls (Waterloo)
  3. Pantelis Isaiah (Queen's)
  4. Peng Jia (McGill)
  5. Tyson John (Toronto)
  6. Andrew Johnson (Queen's)
  7. Velimir Jurdjevic (Toronto)
  8. Dhanaraja Kasinathan (Waterloo)
  9. Audrey Kertesz (Toronto)
  10. Arman Kizilkale (McGill)
  11. Karla Kvaternik (Toronto)
  12. Gino Labinaz (Queen's)
  13. Devon Lehrer (Queen's)
  14. Andrew Lewis (Queen's)
  15. Michael Liba (Queen's)
  16. Manfredi Maggiore (Toronto)
  17. Abdol-Reza Mansouri (Queen's)
  18. Roland Malhamé (Polytechnique Montréal)
  1. Kirsten Morris (Waterloo)
  2. Krishnaá Mehta (Toronto)
  3. Carmeliza Navasca (Clarkson)
  4. Stefan Ng (McGill)
  5. Chris Nielsen (Waterloo)
  6. Mojtaba Nourian (McGill)
  7. Lacra Pavel (Toronto)
  8. Karen Rudie (Queen's)
  9. Caroline Seguin (Queen's)
  10. Alex Shum (Waterloo)
  11. John Simpson (Queen's)
  12. Shreyas Sundaram (Penn and Waterloo)
  13. Farzin Taringoo (McGill)
  14. Ben Tsai (Toronto)
  15. David Tyner (Tyner Systems, Inc.)
  16. Steven Waslander (Waterloo)
  17. Creag Winacott (Queen's)
  18. Serdar Yuksel (Queen's)

Andrew D. Lewis (andrew at