Fourth Biannual Meeting on Systems and Control Theory

Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario
May 13-15, 2010


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Room information

Rooms for conference attendees have been reserved in Watts Hall (23 Lower Albert Street, number 56 on the campus map), Leggett Hall (194 Stuart Street, number 73 on the campus map), Victoria Hall (75 Bader Lane, number 44 on the campus map), Leonard Hall (128 Bader Lane, number 57 on the campus map), and McNeill (40 Lower Albert Street, number 58 on the campus map).

There are 20 two-bedroom units (in Leggett and Watts Halls) and 10 one-bedroom units (in Victoria, Leonard, and McNeill Halls) being held. Each two bedroom unit is comprised of the following:

Each one-bedroom unit is comprised of the following: I think the two-bedroom units will be much nicer, but availability is limited to 40 people in total (which I think will cover us, if not completely, then mostly).

Booking information

You can book online or call 613-533-2223. Information required at time of booking is:

General information


On weekdays, between 7:00am and 5:00pm, parking at Queen's is by permit only. The underground parking facilities on Stuart Street may be used for $14.00 (subject to change) per day. From May-August, Queen's Event Services will have limited daily parking passes available, on a first-come-first-served basis for $12.00 (subject to change) plus tax per day. Queen's Event Services is not responsible for City of Kingston parking ticket charges.
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