Notes on global analysis

I recently received an email asking me about these notes. I replied that I was no longer maintaining this, and should probably remove it. Then it was pointed out to me that this page was linked on MathStackExchange and so perhaps I should not delete it. So, I have done the opposite of deleting it; I have added material that I have completed since this seminar ended. It is still very incomplete, as you will see from the list of missing chapters. This will be some sort of book some day. In the meantime I will add chapters as they become complete.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Holomorphic and real analytic calculus
Chapter 2: The Weierstrass Preparation Theorem and applications
Chapter 3: Domains of holomorphy and notions of convexity in Cn
Chapter 4: Holomorphic and real analytic manifolds
Chapter 5: Metric structures and connections
Chapter 6: Holomorphic and real analytic jet bundles
Chapter 7: Stein and real analytic manifolds
Chapter 8: Topologies for spaces of maps, functions, sections, and germs
Appendix A: General versions of the Chain Rule and the Leibniz Rule
Appendix B: Convex analysis
Appendix C: Topology background
Appendix D: Distributions
Appendix E: Operator theory
Appendix F: Multilinear algebra

Volume 2 (what little there is, at present)
Chapter 1: Sheaf theory
Chapter 2: Category theory
Chapter 3: Homological algebra
Chapter 4: Sheaf cohomology
Chapter 5: Coherent sheaves
Chapter 6: Differentiable and analytic spaces
Chapter 7: Approximation

Several complex variables and holomorphic differential geometry:

Real analytic analysis and differential geometry Coherent analytic sheaves