Abstracts are available in PDF.

Time Location Speaker Title
13:00–13:50 110 Jeff François Bergeron Combinatorics and the Elliptic Hall Algebra
14:00–14:20 110 Jeff Hector Blandin Generalized Polarization Modules
14:30–15:30 break
15:30–15:50 110 Jeff Thomas Brüstle On the non-leaving-face property for associahedra of type ADE
16:00–16:20 110 Jeff Nathan Williams Why the Fuss?
16:30–16:50 110 Jeff Amy Pang Card-shuffling and Convolutions on Graded Hopf Algebras
18:00–20:00 Kingston Brewing Company Informal Gathering

Time Location Speaker Title
09:30–10:20 234 Jeff Cristian Lenart Combinatorial aspects of Schubert calculus in elliptic cohomology
10:30–10:50 234 Jeff Dominic Searles Root-system and deformed cohomology of generalized flag varieties
11:00–11:30 break
11:30–11:50 234 Jeff Anna Bertiger The Rim Hook Rule
12:00–12:20 234 Jeff Markus Schmidmeyer The entries in the Littlewood-Richardson tableau
12:30–14:30 lunch
14:30–15:20 234 Jeff Mats Boij Cones of Betti tables and Hilbert functions
15:30–15:50 234 Jeff Li Li Bases of Cluster algebras
16:00–16:30 break
16:30–17:20 234 Jeff Eric Katz Tropical Laplacians and Curve Arrangements on Surfaces
19:30–21:00 Milestones Conference Dinner

Time Location Speaker Title
09:30–10:20 234 Jeff Patricia Hersh Regular cell complexes in total positivity
10:30–10:50 234 Jeff Yannic Vargas Packed words and generalized Bruhat orders
11:00–11:30 break
11:30–11:50 234 Jeff Ali Alilooee j multiplicity of edge ideals
12:00–12:20 234 Jeff Will Traves Ten points on a cubic curve

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