Queen's Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Fall 2011
Monday 4:30 - 5:30 in 319 Jeffery Hall

Schedule of Talks:

Date Speaker Title
September 12 Gregory G. Smith
(Queen's University)
Log-concavity of asymptotic Hilbert series
September 19 Andrew Hoefel
(Queen's University)
Powers of edge ideals with linear resolutions
September 26 Victor Lozovanu
(Queen's University)
Projective normality for adjoint line bundles
October 3 Eric Katz
(University of Waterloo)
Log concavity of characteristic polynomials and tropical intersection theory
October 10 Thanksgiving
no seminar
October 17 Greg Blekherman
(Georgia Tech)
Nonnegative Polynomials and Sums of Squares
October 24 Mats Boij
(Royal Institute of Technology)
Cones of invariants and parameter spaces of modules
October 31 Jihyeon Jessie Yang
(University of Toronto)
Parameter spaces of algebraic curves on toric surfaces
November 7 Mike Roth
(Queen's University)
Diophantine approximation and the Seshadri constant
November 14 Nathan Grieve
(Queen's University)
Cup-product problems on an abelian variety
November 21 David Wehlau
(Royal Military College)
Invariants of certain elementary abelian p-groups
November 28 Ivan Dimitrov
(Queen's University)
Lagrangian subalgebras of classical Lie superalgebras

For more information, please contact Ivan Dimitrov, Mike Roth or Greg Smith.

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Schedules for other semesters: Winter 2011, Winter 2012

updated: 21 November 2011
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