Math 120 — Differential and Integral Calculus

This course is an introduction to the ideas and techniques of one-variable calculus, intended for students who are interested in science and mathematics.

Most courses in calculus emphasize computation; their goal is to teach you how to calculate derivatives and integrals and how to use these computations in problems.

We also care about being able to compute, but our main focus is in understanding the ideas: how they originated, what they mean, and how to work with them to see more deeply into the mathematical and physical world.

A secondary theme of the course is the universality of calculus as a mathematical tool, and we will see examples of how to apply these ideas in both familar and unexpected situations.

Instructors: Dr. Mike Roth (Section 1), Dr. Teresa Chiri (Section 2, Fall), and Dr. David Nguyen (Section 2, Winter)
Textbook: Calculus, Early Transcendentals, by James Stewart, ninth edition (earlier editions are also okay).

Classes (slot 13) Tutorials
  Mon. 12:30–13:30   Mon. 17:30–18:30
  Wed. 11:30–12:30   Tues. 17:30–18:30
  Thurs. 13:30–14:30
Section 1 : Jeff 127. All tutorials are in Ellis 324.
Section 2 : Jeff 128.
Grading Scheme
Homework 20% (1% per assignment)
In-class exams (two each term) 30% (7.5% per exam)
End-of-term exams 50% (25% per exam)

There are twelve homework assignments each term. The lowest two of these twelve grades will be dropped when computing the homework grade for that term.

Important Dates
Fall Winter
First in-class exam Oct. 6 Feb. 9
Second in-class exam Nov. 10 Mar. 16
End of term Exam Dec. 21 TBA