Math 210 — Rings and Fields

Abstract algebra arose from the realization that the algebraic arguments we make in mathematical calculations often have a similiar pattern or structure.

This course is an introduction to abstract algebra, centered around the abstract algebraic structure called a ring, and the related notion of a field. The course starts with questions about integers and progresses through more complicated examples so that we see the features that they have in common, and how the notion of a ring abstracts them.

The course is intended for students interested in mathematics, and the material is necessary for any further studies in algebra, number theory, geometry, or topology.

One of our concerns in the course will be learning to write good mathematical arguments, and so importance will be attached to the clarity and simplicity of solutions to homework and exam questions.

Instructor: Mike Roth TAs: Asia Matthews and James McLean    
Office Hours: Mondays 15:30–16:20 and Wednesdays 16:30–17:30, in Jeff 201/202
Textbook: Abstract Algebra, by Theodore Shifrin.

Classes (slot 5) Tutorials Tutorial Location
  Tues. 9:30–10:30   Mon. 11:30–12:30   Jeff 234
  Thurs. 8:30–9:30   Wed. 8:30–9:30   Jeff 225
  Fri. 10:30–11:30
All classes are in Jeff 225.

Grading Scheme
Homework 30%
Midterm 30%
Final 40%

There are twelve homework assignments during the semester. The lowest two of these twelve grades will be dropped when computing the homework grade for the course.

Important Dates
Midterm Exam Feb. 28 7–9pm Jeff 127
Final Apr. 18 9am–12pm Goodes Hall