Math 121: Differential and Integral Calculus

Lectures:   Are in Slot 14 (Tuesday 11:30-12:20, Wednesday 1:30-2:20, and Friday 12:30-1:20), in Jeff 127.

This page is for extra handouts or slides not appearing in the courseware. All other information about the course is located on the Course Home Page.

Note: The .ps versions of the handouts are better than the .pdf versions. The document is created in postscript, and then converted to Adobe PDF format. I have two choices of conversion program. The first one produces slightly fuzzy output, and degrades the quality of the pictures. The second one produces non-fuzzy output and no pictures. So, in any handout with pictures, .ps is the way to go.

I've recently realized that nobody seems to actually read these handouts, so I'm going to stop posting them.