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  • MATH 111 Linear Algebra
    This is our big linear algebra service course. I have become convinced that "linear algebra" as it is currently conceived (look at the table of contents in any standard textbook) is understood by almost no graduate of the course and (happily enough I guess) is needed by almost no graduate of the course (though a number of them could use the powerful ideas of the subject). That would seem to leave me morally free to depart quite markedly from the standard path. But what should I do? There's no lack of wonderful things connected with the subject. How much of structural development of the subject do they need? These are questions I have been struggling with for a few years now.

  • APSC 172 Multivariable Calculus
    This one-term course is taken by all first-year engineering students. The truth is that our first-year engineering is a common curriculum for all students and as a result it tends to try to accomplish a lot. So it's a tough year for many students. To moderate that I try to not to cover everything that's in the standard text-books but to hit the main techniques and ideas and give them a few challenging problems. There are three sections of the course too so it presents a big coordination job.

  • MATH 382 Math Explorations
    This course is designed with intending high school math teachers in mind, but is a valuable experience for anyone interested in the teaching of mathematics. We work with high school level material but with beautiful, striking and challenging exploratory problems. The students often work in small groups and there is considerable discussion. My idea is to develop a sense that these problems and others like them would in fact make an excellent high school math curriculum.

  • BIOM 300 Mathematical Biology
    This is the Biomath undergraduate course and I am teaching it for the first time in Fall 2018.

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