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Publications and Lectures


  • Taylor, P. Teach the Mathematics of Mathematicians. Educ. Sci. 2018, 8, 56; doi:10.3390/educsci8020056+[PDF]


  • Taylor, P. Has Mathematics Education misunderstood Homo Aestheticus? Problem Solving in Patagonia Universidad de Magallanes, Chile, November 2017. [PDF]
  • Taylor, P. The aesthetics of mathematical modeling for the classroom, Fields Institute Mathematics Education Forum. Oct 2017. [PDF]
  • Peter Taylor and Judy Wearing. Structure—an allegory. Performed at Bridges 2017, Waterloo University.[PDF]


  • Peter Taylor and Judy Wearing. 2016. Structure-an allegory. Plenary presentation at the 40th anniversary CMESG/GCDEM Conference, Queen's University June 6 2016. [PDF]


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  • Taylor, P. 2009. Essay on A and B. Education Notes 41 2 [PDF]
  • Taylor, P. 2009. Why the sky is still falling. Notice of the AMS [PDF]


  • Will the real Q please step forward? 9th annual symposium on innovative teaching, Simon Fraser University, May, 2007
  • Taylor, P. 2007. Mathematical Lens. Mathematics Teacher 101: 179-182 [PDF]
  • "Last Lecture," Queen's MiniU, God is also a mathematician. May 2011. [PDF]


  • The Adrian Pouliot Prize Lecture. The structure of a mathematics curriculum. CMS Winter Meeting, Toronto. 2006. [PDF]
  • Canadian Club Luncheon Speaker. What's wrong with the high school curriculum?


  • What the history of art can teach us about teaching. MAA Seaway Banquet Address [PDF]


  • The teacher as artist: a letter to my colleagues. MAA Focus 24: 8-9 [PDF]
  • Taylor, P.D. (2004) Review of the CUPM Curriculum Guidelines 2004, MAA Online


  • Working group co-leader. Rethinking math thinking in secondary math classes. CMS Math Education Forum. Montreal 16-18
  • CMS Winter Meeting. December 2003. Vancouver. Education Session. The tyranny of reality.[PDF]


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  • Plenary Speaker Changing the Culture Conference, Post-modernism and High School Math Education. PIMS Simon Fraser University


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  • Taylor, P.D. 1996. Thoughts on university entrance exams, Ontario Math Gazette 35, 9-12.


  • The MacClement Lecture, Mathematics and Poetry. Queen's University Fac. of Education [PDF]
  • Royal Canadian Institute Lecture: The calculus revolution: right revolution--wrong subject, Toronto. Complex Variables: the poetry and music of W.J. Barnes, Quarry press, 1994. 131 pp. (with D. Helwig). [Until his sudden death in 1992 Bill Barnes was my co-teacher for the Math and Poetry course at Queen's (IDIS 303). That same year he won a 3-M fellowship. Many of his poems are quite fine. Email me for a copy of the book.]
  • The Avis Memorial Lecture, Portrait of the artist as a young cadet, Royal Military College


  • Taylor, P.D. 1992. A proposal for OAC Calculus, Ontario Mathematics Gazette 31, 26-30.


  • Taylor, P.D. 1990. Care, not Speed, The Kingston Whig Standard, Sept. 13, 1990, Reprinted in IEEE Canadian Review No. 11, Fall, 1991, and in The Federation Focus, March/April, 1992.
  • The Randolph Lecture: Calculus, where are we going? Seaway Section, MAA, Oswego, NY.


  • Taylor, P.D. 1983. Zen in the art of archery and teaching, Journal of Literary Theory 4: 73-81.


  • Taylor, P.D. 1980. On Virgil: my opening lecture to Mathematics 120, For the Learning of Mathematics 1: 49-52.[PDF]
  • Ontario Grade 12 Curriculum Resources For some time now I have been constructing investigative problems to fit the Ontario Grade 12 Curriculum for the university-bound students. With the new courses starting last Fall (2007) I thought that would be an ideal time to organize these into a curriculum and invite interested teachers to try them out, give me comments, and maybe even flesh them out in a sense of producing some supporting units (technical exercises, solutions, etc.) In fact I produced most of a curriculum for the Advanced Functions course MHF4U but only a collection of problems for the Calculus and Vectors MCV4U. Email me if you would like more information.

  • IN PROCESS This is a collection of investigative problems drawn from geometry, counting, probability, and strategic thinking. For many years I published them as my "orange book" and now I have brought them on-line. Have a look.

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