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Advanced Functions MHF4U Curriculum materials
The order of chapters is somewhat flexible, but I have adopted the order of the curriculum document. This wasn't my original order, but I've now come to think it's the best. In some ways it makes the first part of the course more technical and the second part more conceptual. Of course everything is always both! And everything is somewhat more conceptual than you (and the students) are used to. The paradox is now fully established that the utmost abstractions are the true weapons with which to control our thought of concrete fact. (A.N. Whitehead, Science and the Modern World, 1926.)

Files will be reposted from time to time, so watch for changes in the posted date. There will also be a new date at the bottom of each page. In many cases more problems are needed, particularly technical exercises and much more work is needed on solutions. Feel free to contribute. For example if you send me a solution to a problem or to a bunch of problems, I will post them or incorporate them and give you credit.
A grassroots curriculum!

Chapter 1. Exponential and Logarithm
Chapter 2. Trigonometric Functions
Chapter 3. Polynomials
Chapter 4. Functions and Models
Chapter 5. Rate of Change

Calculus and Vectors MCV4U
Jan 7, 08. Happy New Year everyone. I'm off in a couple of days for four months in the UK, exchanging snow for rain no doubt, but that will be a lot kinder to my bicycle which has a particular aversion to salt! As I have said I am hoping to be able to hire an assistant this summer to help me work on (and improve) many of the units, but in the meantime I have prepared five nice calculus models which can be taught or used as large assignments. Some of these are extensions of units that are in the MHF notes and they illustrate the fact that many of the problems we explore in the Functions course can be extended to involve some calculus. Many of you will be teaching calculus this semester coming: I hope it goes well and you have the right resources. I will be on email while i'm away and will be able to respond to most queries.