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This is a collection of investigative problems I have used for high school students, math teachers, and university students of all kinds. They are mostly elementary but do not yield right away. As much as possible I strive for beauty and power in my selection of problems. The sense of "power" here is that the ideas and techniques acquired in engaging the problem will extend the student's mathematical reach. The problems are drawn from geometry, counting, probability, strategic thinking, and tend not to be problems that might appear in standard high school curricula (which are, alas, mostly oriented towards functions and calculus).

Introduction to the 1997 edition.
This is a journal I kept for several months while we preparing to writing the new Ontario Math Curriculum.

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Funding for this project
These problems constitute a subset of those I have been collecting and revising for 30 years. I will continue to update the collection, editing these, and adding others, new and old. For a period of 4 years this work was funded by the Imperial Oil Charitable Foundation, but for the rest of the time, funding has come from Royalties from my (out-of-date) calculus book (administered by the Math Dept Trust Fund at Queen's), and from the roughly $5-10 per copy that I have charged teachers for the book, which has been reprinted (by Queen's printing) 5 times now, with some 10 thousand copies now out there. How is the money used?--for undergraduate assistants, for travel to PD sessions or Math Ed meetings (like OAME), or (mostly) for printing copies of the book. It occurred to me that I really ought to send it to a proper publisher and generate some money but of course the down-side of that is that I lose day-to-day control and the price goes up--way up. A much better idea is to make the units available on-line and ask users to occasionally send me a donation. In particular, for those who use a bunch of the units as a text for a teacher's course or workshop, a fee of something like $5-$10 per student could be collected and sent to Queen's. By the way--such donations are tax deductible! in Canada at any rate. Anyway, let's give that a try and see how it works.

You can help in a couple of ways. First if you think the problems are good and worth using: GET THE WORD OUT. After all, the real purpose is to get more folks doing more wonderful math. Secondly, if you become a big user, send me an email and let me know who you are and what you're doing. And if you do send me some money--be assured it will be well used.

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Other Projects:

Ontario Grade 12 Curriculum Resources

This is a collection of units for the Grade 12 Advanced Functions Course MHF4U. As much as possible they are investigative in nature, and emphasize graphical approaches and geometry. They are deliberately somewhat sophisticated.

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