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Recent and Present Students

Previous PhD Students

Andrew Irwin investigated altruistic behaviour and the iterated prisoner's dilemma in a spatially structured population. Andrew went on to do a post-doc at Rutgers with Peter Smouse. He is now an Assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Mt. Allison University.

David Heath, a young man of remarkably diverse talents and interests, worked for many years in the risk management group at BMO in Toronto and New York, and then got his PhD in Mathematical Finance at USC. He is now Assistant Professor of Finance, Eccles School of Business University of Utah.

Nathalie Sinclair graduated with a PhD in mathematics education with an awesome thesis on beauty in mathematics. From Queen's she went to an assistant professorship at Michigan State. She is now the Canada Research Chair in Tangible Mathematics Learning at Simon Fraser University.

James Lee Lee studied dispersal behaviour between subpopulations and the evolutionary consequences of genomic imprinting. After post-doctoral work in Zoology at University of Toronto he spent many years as a carpenter making beautiful furniture. He is now on the Math Faculty at Athabasca University.

Geoff Wild came with an M.Sc. in Biology from Trent and a hunger for more math, and completed his Ph.D. in 2004 working on the interactions between sex allocation and dispersal. He is now a Professor in the Mathematical Biology group at University of Western Ontario.

Amy Hurford came from an M.Sc. program at the Centre for Mathematical Biology at the University of Alberta with Mark Lewis and obtained her PhD in 2011, working with me and Troy Day using classic models of mimicry to gain a better understanding of autoimmune disease. She went on to a postdoc at York University and is now Associate Professor in both Biology and Math&Stats at Memorial University.

Daniel Cownden graduated in 2011 with a PhD thesis that combined evolutionary game theory with strategies for exploring and learning. In 2008-9 he employed his skills as a game theorist, along with the help of his zany neuroscience buddy, Tim Lillicrap, to win an awesome international game theory tournament. He took a Research Fellowship at University of Glasgow and is now a data scientist at Ingrooves Music Group in Victoria BC developing mathematical models of music consumption patterns. These are distilled into actionable insights, to enhance both internal BI and product offering.

Wes Maciejewski graduated in 2012 with a PhD thesis exploring models of social behaviour. That represented only half his research work as he divided his time with me between Mathematical Biology and Math Education. Arriving here with considerable experience in teaching and curriculum development, he was given right away a calculus course to teach and followed that up with the development of a second-year course in Stats and DE's for Civil Engineers. In 2009 he obtained a Mitacs Accelerate grant to organize a research project adapting jumpmath curriculum materials to address remedial math difficulties at George Brown College. He went on to be a Wieman Postdoctoral Fellow at UBC, then a lecturer at Aukland University and is now an Assistant Professor at San Jose State University.

Carly Rozins graduated in 2016 with a PhD thesis that constructed an evolutionary model for Marek's disease in Chickens. While here she was an active teacher closely involved in MathQuest, our girls' math camp, and in 2016 she won the Winter first-year teaching award in Engineering and Applied Science. In September she begins a 2-year postdoc with Mike Boots in the Integrative Biology department at UC Berkeley.

Current Students

Mike Cabral taught English as a second language for two years in South Korea before coming to do a MSc at Queen's.
He is now part-way through PhD work in Mathematical Biology interested in modeling the complexity of ecological networks. Mike is interested in math education and is an instructor in Math9-12 and in MathQuest, our girls' math camp.
Stefanie Knebel completed a BAH at Laurentian with a concentration in Psychology and is currently a MSc student in Mathematics at Queen's. In the past, she has assisted with research on early childhood learning and development, as
well as Alzheimer's and dementia in elderly populations. She is interested in modeling human behaviour and
investigating student learning. She is an instructor in Math9-12 and a counsellor in MathQuest, our girls' math camp.
Maddie Baker an MSc student studying Mathematical Biology with experience in the effectiveness of vaccination programs on disease control. She did her undergraduate work at McMaster University. She is a counsellor in MathQuest, our girls’ math camp.
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