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MTHE/STAT 455, STAT855 Stochastic Processes, Fall 2017

Glen Takahara
Jeffery Hall 407
-Monday 12:30-1:20
-Wednesday 11:30-12:20
-Thursday 1:30-2:20
in Jeffery 118
Thursday 12:30-1:20
in Jeffery 222

Office Hours
Wednesday 10:30-11:30
or by appointment
(in Jeffery 407)

Textbook: (not required) Introduction to Probability Models (11th Edition) by Sheldon M. Ross (Academic Press, 2014).
Prerequisite: STAT 353 or STAT 351 (or equivalent) with permission of the instructor or STAT 269 (or equivalent) with permission of the instructor.

Syllabus (pdf)
Assignments (Solutions to Ass.5 available, Dec.6)
Resources (the 2017 midterm with solutions is available)
Lecture Notes

Announcements (last updated Dec.6)

The final exam is Friday, December 8, 2pm-5pm in Jeffery Hall, first floor. The instructions for the exam are the same as for last year's exam, available on the resources page. In particular, you can bring a single 11.5 by 8 inch sheet of notes, written on both sides, and a Casio 991 calculator. The exam is comprehensive.

Final Exam practice problems and solutions.