Positions Available: There may be graduate student / post-doc research positions in our group. The applicants should follow the guidelines listed here

    Current Members:
    Ali Devran Kara (PhD 2017-)
    Sina Sanjari (PhD 2017-)
    Serkan Saritas (PhD at Bilkent Univ., joint with Prof. Sinan Gezici 2014-) 
    Alireza Jalaeian (MSc 2016-)
    Curtis McDonald (MSc 2017-)
    Bora Yongacoglu (MSc 2016-)

    Naci Saldi (PhD 2011-2015; Post-doc 2015) (PhD Thesis -recipient of Queen’s University Eng. and Applied Science Outstanding Thesis Award-) (Assistant Professor, Ozyegin University)
    Nevroz Sen (PhD, 2009-2013) (PhD Thesis) (ABB Research California)
    Ayca Ozcelikkale (visiting PhD student from Bilkent University, Ankara) (August 2010-June 2011) 
    Ali A. Zaidi (visiting PhD student from KTH, Sweden) (December 2010-August 2011)

    Abhishek Gupta (visiting PhD student from Illinois, summer 2013)
    Marcos M. Vasconcelos (visiting PhD student from Univ. Maryland, summer 2012)

    Ali Devran Kara (MSc 2016-2017)
    Sina Sanjari (MSc 2016-2017)
    Michael Verlezza (MSc 2014 - 2016) (U.S. Fullbright scholar)
    Richard Wood (MSc 2015) (Richard's thesis paper: arXiv)
    Ramiro Zurkowski (MSc '2014) (Ramiro's thesis paper: arXiv)   
    Alexander Condello (MSc 2013) (Master's Thesis)
    Andrew Johnston (MSc 2013) (Master's Thesis) (journal pdf)
    Nevroz Sen, (MEng 2009) (Master's Project Report)
    NSERC USRA Research Students
    Ian Harbell, 2016
    Graeme Baker, 2015
    Philippe Furrer, 2013
    Adina Goldberg, 2012
    Andrew Johnston, 2011
    Andrew Johnston, 2010   

    Undergraduate Thesis Students:
    2016/17: Sam Anderson, Julie Briffa, Nicolas Garcia, Marwan Galal, Mark Gaskin, James Gibbard-Mccall, Ian Harbell, Daniel Kao, Alyssa Kim, Michael McCreesh, Curtis McDonald, Graeme Ness, Robert Spencer
    2015/16: Parker Hickey, Tanner Kotsopoulos, Riley Redpath, Justin Shimkovitz, Julian Wilson 
    2014/15: Leverett Binks-Collier, Garrick Poole, Stephanie Reed (Thesis) /  Ariel Hubert, Payton Karch, Victor Li, Ryan Shrott (Thesis) / Eve Laverty, Kendra MacKay, Mike Mehta, Matt Slavin (Thesis)
    2013/14 : Stanislav Fabricius, Philippe Furrer, Stephen Kerner (Thesis)
    2013/14 : Ezgi Ilter, Irem Tutun (at Bilkent University)
    2011/12 : Richard Wood, Noah Daley (Thesis Topic: Real-Time Coding with an Adaptive Quantizer)
    2010/11: Andrew Johnston, Alex Minnaar and Alan Richards: (Thesis Topic: Stochastic Systems with Data Rate Constraints)
    2010/11: Alex Condello and Tyler Longo: (Thesis Topic: Consensus and Agreement)
    2008/09: Lisa Farnell, Jessica Havelock, Claudette Yungwirth: (Thesis Topic: Stability of Belief Propagation in Networks)
    2007/08: Zeina Nasrallah and Sara Parhizgari (Thesis Topic: Algorithms for decentralized control and signaling) (Summer Technical Report)