Ram Murty

Professor and Queen's Research Chair
E-mail:murty at mast dot queensu dot ca

Office: Jeffery Hall, Room 312
Office Hours: By appointment
Office Phone: (613) 533-2413
Office FAX: (613) 533-2964
Department of Mathematics, Jeffery Hall,
99 University Avenue, Queen's University,
Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6, Canada

Courses for 2014-2015

Math 401/801: (Fall Semester)
Graph Theory
Text: S. Cioaba and M. Ram Murty, A first course in graph theory and combinatorics, TRIM, 2009.
Time: Mon., 3.30-5pm, Wed., 1.30-3pm, Jeff 225
Assignment 1 Solutions
Assignment 2 Solutions
Assignment 3 Solutions
Midterm test
Assignment 4 Solutions
Phil 410/810: (Fall Semester)
Introduction to Indian Philosophy
Texts: S. Radhakrishnan and C. Moore, A Sourcebook in Indian Philosophy, Princeton University Press
M. Ram Murty, Indian Philosophy: An introduction, Broadview Press, 2012.
Time: Thu., 8.30am-11.30am, Jeff 115.

Math 892: (Winter Semester)
Core Course in Analysis, II
Text: W. Rudin, Real and Complex Analysis, 3rd Edition, McGraw Hill, 1987
Time:Mon. 10.00am-11.30am; Wed. 8.30am-10.00am; Jeff 319.
Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
Math 437/837: (Winter Semester)
Also offered as CISC 490/850 with Selim Akl
Mathematics of Information Technology
Texts: C. Rousseau and Y. St-Aubin, Mathematics of Technology, Springer
Time: Tues. 1-2.30pm and Thurs., 11.30am-1.00pm, Jeff 110.
How Google works       Assignment 1
Robotic Motion             Assignment 2
Laser surgery and sphere packing
Friezes and Mosaics

Recent Books

            Problems in the
Theory of Modular Forms
    Transcendental Numbers
      Indian Philosophy:
      An Introduction    
The Mathematical Legacy
of Srinivasa Ramanujan
A First Course in Graph
Theory and Combinatorics
Automorphic L-functions
(with M. Dewar & H. Graves),
IMSc Lecture Notes, 2015
      (with P. Rath),
      Springer, 2014.
    Broadview Press, 2013. (with V. Kumar Murty),
Springer, 2012. errata
(with S. Cioaba),
HBA, 2009 errata
(with J. Cogdell and H. Kim),
Fields Inst./AMS, 2009.

Earlier Books

    Problems in Analytic
    Number Theory
Intro. to sieve methods
and their applications
Problems in Algebraic
Number Theory, 2nd Ed.
Introduction to p-adic
analytic number theory,
Non-vanishing of L-functions
and applications
Springer, 2nd edition, 2008 (with A. Cojocaru)
Cambridge Univ. Press,
(with J. Esmonde),
Springer 2005
International Press, 2002     (with V. Kumar Murty)
    Balaguer Prize Book
    Birkhauser, 1997

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    Research Interests

    Number Theory: Artin's conjecture, Elliptic curves, Modular Forms, Automorphic forms, Langlands Program, Selberg's conjectures, Sieve Methods, Cryptography
    More research description can be found at CICMA
  • Here is chronological list of publications: LIST
  • This is the link for Mathematical Reviews of my papers.
  • Here is the link to my mathematical genealogy.

    Degrees and Honours

    Expository Lectures

  • The Art of Research, 2005 Herzberg Lecture, Carleton University/Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India.
  • Ellipses and elliptic curves, Coleman-Ellis Lecture, March 30, 2006.
  • Recent Developments in the Langlands Program, C.R. Math. Acad. Sci. R. Can., 24(2002), no. 2, 33-54.
  • A Motivated Introduction to the Langlands Program, in Advances in Number Theory, (edited by F. Gouvea and N. Yui), pp. 37-66, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1993.
  • Ramanujan graphs, Journal of the Ramanujan Math. Society, 18, No. 1, (2003), 1-20.
  • Selberg's conjectures and Artin L-functions, Bulletin of the American Math. Society, 31(1) (1994), 1-14.

    Recent Publications

  • Sudoku squares and chromatic polynomials(with A. Herzberg), Notices of the Amer. Math. Society, 54(2007), no. 6, 708-717.
  • Multiple Hurwitz zeta functions (with K. Sinha), in Multiple Dirichlet series, automorphic forms, and analytic number theory, Proc. Symp. Pure Math., 75 (2006), 135-156.
  • An introduction to sieve methods and their applications, (with A. Cojocaru) London Mathematical Society Student Texts, 66, Cambridge University Press, 2006.
  • Problems in Analytic Number Theory, Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Vol. 206, Springer-Verlag, 2001.
  • Lectures on Symmetric Power L-functions (Fields Institute, 2004)(pdf format)
  • Problems in Algebraic Number Theory, (with J. Esmonde), Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 190, Springer-Verlag, 2005, 2nd edition.
  • Non-vanishing of L-functions and Applications, Progress in Mathematics 157, Birkhauser, 1997 (Balaguer Prize Monograph), (with Vijaya Kumar Murty)
  • Spectral Estimates for Abelian Cayley Graphs, (with J. Friedman and J-P. Tillich), Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B., 96(2006), no. 1, 111-121.
  • The square sieve and the Lang-Trotter conjecture (with A. Cojocaru and E. Fouvry), Canadian Journal of Math., 57(6) (2005), 1155-1177.
  • Sieve methods in combinatorics (with Y.-R. Liu), Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 111(2005), no. 1, 1-23.
  • On decimations of l-sequences(with M. Goresky, A. Klapper, and I. Shparinski), SIAM Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 18 (2004), no. 1, 130-140.
  • Euclidean rings of algebraic integers (with M. Harper), Canadian Journal of Mathematics, 56(2004), no. 1, 71-76.
  • Cyclicity of elliptic curves modulo p and elliptic analogues of Linnik's problem, (with A. Cojocaru), Math. Annalen, 330 (2004), no. 3, 601-625.
  • On a conjecture of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer (with W. Kuo), Canadian Journal of Math., 57(2005), no. 2, 328-337.
  • An application of Mumford's gap principle, (with J.J. Lee), Journal of Number Theory, 105(2004), no. 2, 333-343.

    Current Post-Doctoral Fellows:

    Kevser Aktas, Alia Hamieh, Tom Hulse, Naomi Tanabe.

    Theses supervised:

    1. Ian Miyamoto, Primes and elliptic curves, M.Sc. thesis, McGill University, 1988.
    2. David Clark, L-series and ranks of elliptic curves, M.Sc. thesis, McGill University, 1988. (clark@math.byu.edu)
    3. David Clark, The Euclidean algorithm for Galois extensions of the rational numbers, Ph.D. thesis, McGill University, 1992.(clark@math.byu.edu)
    4. Tomasz Stefanicki, Non-vanishing of L-functions attached to automorphic representations of GL(2), Ph.D. thesis, McGill University, 1992.
    5. Francesco Pappalardi, On Artin's conjecture for primitive roots, Ph.D. thesis, McGill University, 1993. (pappa@mat.uniroma3.it)
    6. Chantal David, Supersingular Drinfeld modules, Ph.D. thesis, McGill University, 1993. (chantal@discrete.concordia.ca)
    7. Ashwaq Hashim, Application of Lindelof hypothesis to cusp forms, M.Sc. thesis, McGill University, 1993. (ucakash@ucl.ac.uk)
    8. Yuanli Zhang, Some analytic properties of automorphic L-functions, Ph.D. thesis, McGill University, 1994.(yz@math.purdue.edu)
    9. Sridhar Narayanan, Selberg's conjectures, M.Sc. thesis, McGill University, 1994.(sri@esankya.com)
    10. Keldon Drudge, The ABC Conjecture, M.Sc. Thesis, McGill University, 1995.
    11. Minatsu Yamaji, Applications of Brauer Induction to Artin L-functions, M.Sc. Thesis, McGill University, 1996.
    12. Francesco Sica, The order of vanishing of L-functions at the center of the critical strip, Ph.D. thesis, McGill University, 1998.
    13. Satya Mohit, The Wieferich criterion, the ABC conjecture and Shimura's correspondence, M.Sc. thesis, Queen's University, 1998.
    14. Yu-Ru Liu, The Turan sieve and some of its applications, M.Sc. thesis, Queen's University, 1998.(yrliu@math.harvard.edu)
    15. Filip Saidak, On conjectures about the distribution of primes in various sequences, M.Sc. thesis, Queen's University, 1998.(filips@math.ucalgary.ca)
    16. Malcolm Harper (PhD, McGill), A proof that $Z[\sqrt{14}]$ is Euclidean, Ph.D. thesis, McGill University, 2000.
    17. Steven Pope, On Problems of Cryptography: Primality testing and Factoring integers, M.Sc. thesis, Queen's University, 2000.
    18. Filip Saidak, On non-abelian generalizatons of the Erdös-Kac theorem, Ph.D. thesis, Queen's University, 2001.
    19. Alina Cojocaru, Cyclicity of Elliptic Curves modulo p, Ph.D. thesis, Queen's University, 2002.
    20. Kaneenika Sinha, Generalized Hurwitz zeta functions, (MSc, Queen's, 2002).
    21. Talia Borodin, Primality Testing and Factoring, (M.Sc., Queen's, 2003).
    22. Benjamin Ju, Elementary Proofs of the Prime Number Theorem, (M.Sc., Queen's, 2003).
    23. Tim Wotherspoon, Analysis of the Narayana-Fermat Factoring Algorithm(M.Sc., Queens, 2004).
    24. Jeanine Van Order, Counting Integral Ideals in an Algebraic Number Field,(M.Sc., Queen's, 2005).
    25. Sebastian Cioaba, Eigenvalues, Expanders and Gaps between Primes, (Ph.D., Queen's, 2005).
    26. Kaneenika Sinha, Effective Equidistribution of Eigenvalues of Hecke Operators, (Ph.D., Queen's, 2006).
    27. Brandon Fodden, Diophantine equations and the Generalized Riemann hypothesis (Ph.D., Queen's, 2007).
    28. Marilyn Reece Myers, Variations of Kummer's Conjecture (Ph.D., Queen's, 2007).
    29. Chester Weatherby, Transcendence of various infinite series and applications of Baker's theorem (Ph.D., Queen's, 2009).
    30. Robert Rundle, Generalized Pythagorean Triples (M.Sc., Queen's, 2007).
    31. Adam Felix, The order of a mod p and Artin's conjecture(M.Sc., Queen's, 2007).
    32. Andrew Droll, Properties of Ramanujan graphs (M.Sc., Queen's, 2008).
    33. Marc Papais, Graph spectra and the Ihara zeta function: implications and connections (M.Sc., Queen's, 2008).
    34. Carpio Cheng, Grimm's conjecture and a Gaussian analogue, (M.Sc. Queen's, 2009).
    35. Adam Felix,, Variations on Artin's primitive root conjecture (Ph.D., Queen's, 2011)
    36. Robert Rundle, Generalization of Ruderman's problem to imaginary quadratic fields (Ph.D., Queen's, 2012)
    37. Andrew Droll,, Variations of Li's criterion for an extension of the Selberg class (Ph.D., Queen's, 2012).
    38. Ryan Case, Ramanujan-Fourier series and applications (M.Sc., Queen's, 2013).
    39. Hector Pasten, Arithmetic problems around the abc conjecture and connections with logic, (Ph.D., Queen's, 2014).
    40. Akshaa Vatwani (Ph.D., Queen's, in progress).
    41. Peng-Jie Wong (Ph.D., Queen's, in progress).
    42. Francois Seguin (Ph.D., Queen's, in progress)
    43. Siddhi Pathak (M.Sc., Queen's, in progress)
    44. Kannappan Sampath (M.Sc., Queen's, in progress)